Mission Statement

Santa Clara of Assisi Catholic Academy collaborates with families to provide an excellent multicultural, bi-literate academic program, rooted in the joy of prayer and a faith-filled community, to empower the future. 


Santa Clara of Assisi Catholic Academy strives to provide a safe, Catholic environment in which teachers and parents collaborate to develop students who faithfully follow God's call to grow spiritually, academically, physically, and emotionally. It is the goal of Santa Clara of Assisi Catholic Academy to instill the values of prayer, community, and joy in students, so that they may be enlightened and perpetually seek Truth and the Common Good. Students of Santa Clara of Assisi Catholic Academy will live by the words of Saint Clare and "See God in all things." 

Core Values

Santa Clara of Assisi Catholic Academy is dedicated to providing an education that encourages intellectual growth and spiritual development. Excellence in every aspect of the educational process is expected to achieve the following moral and ethical ideals:

  • Teach the Catholic faith and traditions as a way to live each day.
  • Engage parents as primary educators to lay a spiritual, moral and educational foundation for their children.
  • Provide a curriculum that instills competence in all core academic subjects, that allows development of higher level thinking skills, and that challenges each student to develop intellectual powers to their greatest potential.
  • Guide students in developing good study habits.
  • Develop a proficiency in the use of essential communication skills and technology and incorporate technology usage within the broader curriculum.
  • Provide guidance to nurture and respect for our bodies and good health habits.
  • Encourage creativity and an appreciation of the fine arts. 
  • Cultivate respect for life and all living things and provide opportunities in community service.
  • Develop an understanding of the privileges and the responsibility for one's actions within the school community and beyond.
  • Offer opportunities for extracurricular activities to learn to compete in wholesome ways and to recognize the value of teamwork.